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Healthy Aging | Egg yolk based

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A clinically proven, all-natural ingredient for cognition and eye health.​

-     Improves sharpness of vision
-     Reduces loss of vision with ageing
-     Protects eyes from excess blue light
-     Helps eyes recover from bright light exposure
-     Improves cognitive function


The Healthy Aging product is available as powder ingredient or as a Ready-To-Drink concept.

The powder ingredient is a combination of special egg yolk and dairy, and is:
-     High in protein: high quality, complete protein
-     High in DHA: without 'fishy' smell or taste
-     High in choline: natural source, provides 70-90% of recommended daily intake
-     High bioavailability of lutein: 5 to 7 times higher
-     Rich in vitamins and minerals

The powder ingredient can be used for the development of a Ready-To-Drink product with the following characteristics:
-     Clean label: contains only 7 ingredients
-     Long shelf live: ambient stable for approximately 18 months
-     Without preservatives
-     Meets market trends: clean label, all-natural, all-in-one healthy protein drink and on-the-go beverages.

Holds also great potential for infant nutrition, meal replacements and many more

Five clinical studies that included over 500 individuals have been conducted in co-operation with renowned hospitals and universities worldwide.

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