Newtricious joins forces with the Van Beek Group and BLSF

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We hereby inform you that the Van Beek Group has acquired a majority interest in Newtricious. In addition to the Van Beek Group, Brabant Life Sciences Seeds Fund (BLSF) has also invested in this round.
The investment creates immediate synergy given the overlap and close cooperation with the Van Beek Group and BLSF. This enables a powerful incentive for Newtricious to grow to the next level.
Newtricious develops clinically proven ingredients and food products based on eggs, since 2006. Newtricious is working towards getting approved health claims for all products. The main developments are: 1) a natural 'whole food' protein drink and powder formulation for ‘healthy aging’ targeting cognition and the eyesight of healthy adults and people with signs of Macular Degeneration; and 2) a protein hydrolysate for cardiovascular problems such as metabolic syndrome and (pre-) diabetes. Furthermore, there are products in development that focuses on cognition, sports nutrition and infant nutrition.
Van Beek Group, an independent family company with a history of over 100 years, is a successful and powerful combination of companies that are specialised in fresh eggs and egg products. Annually, Van Beek Group handles approximately 4 billion eggs; accounting for a turnover of more than 350 million Euros. Through Van Beek Group, Newtricious gains direct access to pharmaceutical grade Lysozyme and specialized egg-products for the development of sports nutrition.
BLSF focuses on investing in life sciences and initiatives that are in early development in which the technology has already been proven. BLSF has a strong scientific basis. The synergy with Newtricious is achieved by working together to further develop scientific activities.
After careful consideration, founder and CEO Jos Nelissen has decided to resign from his position and will only continue to stay involved as a shareholder and advisor to Newtricious.
Marcel Bivert will lead the new partnership as CEO of Newtricious.  
The company location of Newtricious has been moved from Oirlo to 's-Hertogenbosch.
The new address is:
Onderwijsboulevard 225
5223 DE 's-Hertogenbosch
For further questions please contact Marcel Bivert, by email: or by phone: 0031 (0) 6177 60 424.