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Newtricious R&D originated from an agricultural background in Limburg, The Netherlands. The family company Nelissen Pluimvee, founded in 1956, was originally a combined company for horticulture and egg production. Over the years, the focus shifted towards the production of eggs.

In 1995, a search for added value of eggs was started. A possible application of eggs for the improvement of human health was discovered. The search for added value kept going, and in the meantime Globus Ei was founded in 1998. Globus Ei became one of Europe’s leading egg trading companies.

The idea that new life can be born from an egg has resulted in 2006  in the founding of Newtricious R&D. As a Dutch Life Sciences company Newtricious R&D aims to develop innovative and science driven ingredients, which contribute to better health and wellbeing of humans.

In 2013 an innovative spin-off was created, the Eggchef; a revolutionary one-minute egg cooking device.
The 8th clinical human intervention study was performed in 2016 and focused on vascular health.

In order to accelerate the growth potential of Newtricious R&D the company became part of the Gebroeders van Beek Group in 2017. This Group is an independent, family-owned, company with a history of over 100 years in the egg industry and is a successful combination of firms that are specialized in fresh eggs and egg products.